Daily Meal Program

The Daily Meal Program has moved on to phase 2 and has focused mainly on the self-reliance of the residents of Curaçao. The aim is to offer people, without cooking facilities, the opportunity to prepare a daily meal together in various Sentro di Bario (community centers).

In Wishi/Marchena we have started with a program which allows neighborhood residents to use the kitchen of their Sentro di Bario and prepare a daily meal together. We have provided them with cooking supplies and we take care of the costs of water, electricity, gas and the kitchen management fee. The residents themselves take the initiative of preparing the meals, but DMP provides guidance and teaches the community to cook with healthy ingredients.

In the neighborhood of Fuik the Daily Meal Program donated 24 COBB grills to their Kas di Bario, in collaboration with Kooyman Curacao. For every COBB that is bought at Kooyman Curaçao, one is donated to the Daily Meal Program! Here, we have started a program in which local residents learn to cook with healthy ingredients using the COBBs.

As a result, the Daily Meal Program does not only provide emergency aid, but we also promote involvement, quality of life and the overall health in these residential areas.

The costs for the fresh ingredients and cooking facilities are financed with donations and sponsoring. So please support the Daily Meal Program. Let us work together towards a better, sustainable and self-sufficient Curaçao.

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